Based on the development foundation during the past 19 years, the An Phu Gia brand has built a comprehensive "ecosystem" with subsidiaries that both operate independently and supplement holding company, APG Holdings, including: APGCons (general contractor), RoyalMep (mechanical sector, enhancing the quality of MEP systems for An Phu Gia's projects), WHY Soft (providing technology solutions for construction companies)


Established on the basis of a combination of E Xim Real Estate Joint Stock Company, CPR Real Estate Joint Stock Company (a company associated with Saigon Indochina Real Estate Joint Stock Company - a member of the Corporation). Saigon CND Industry) and other shareholders are employees with many years of experience in the field of real estate, finance, and construction.


W.H.Y SOFT Technology Joint Stock Company was born during a period of strong and strong technology and communication development in Vietnam with the 4.0 industrial revolution, AI data, and IoT. With the mission to serve customers with the best service and provide the most useful management solutions. W.H.Y SOFT has chosen a simple path for itself, putting quality and reputation first.

An enterprise operating in the field of information technology with main products being ERP business management software systems, e-commerce, and utility software systems serving business management activities. W.H.Y SOFT brings together leading experts in the field of technology with professional working processes, that's why W.H.Y SOFT is always cultivated, cultivated, and aware of its mission to serve customers. With the slogan "Nothing is impossible" is the guiding principle of operations.