Last May and June, HRA.Dept. cooperated with HSE Dept. to train "Safety culture in construction" issued by APGCons to all staff working on the project. At the same time, recorded, shared and answered questions about related policies.
The training, fostering and improvement of safety knowledge for the Stie Management Team at the sites have always been paid attention and strictly enforced by the Board of Directors.

With the severe weather typical of the North, along with the increase of F0 and F1 cases every day, Bac Ninh is known as the most stressful epidemic center today.

Making a mark in the construction field in the South, An Phu Gia Construction Joint Stock Company (abbreviated: APGCons) began to expand the market to the North and continuously reaped success when winning at the same time when bidding for 2 big projects. Thereby creating a premise for a strong breakthrough in this potential market.

 2006年に設立されたAPGConsは、ベトナムの著名な建設会社の1つとして知られています。APGConsブランドは、メコンデルタのVinh Long省にあるChingluh靴工場、ホーチミン市のCu Chi地区にあるSmart Logistics倉庫、ホーチミン市の第8区にあるFelisa Riversideアパート、第7区にあるD’Velaアパートなど、全国150の巨大プロジェクトに参加しています。APGConsは、各プロジェクトを着実に進めるとともに、労働者の安全を保証するために常にさまざまな対策を講じています。このように、会社は常に顧客の信頼と評価を獲得しAPGConsを「顧客の信頼、利益、満足」に基づいたコアバリューに向かわせています。
After 15 years of operations and development, APGCons has enjoyed the fruits during its path setting sail to the outer sea by becoming one of the FAST500 Award winners. APGCons secured the 15th spot in the Top 500 fastest-growing enterprises in Vietnam in 2020.

Following the signing ceremony of the construction contract, the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the project "Investment in the construction of urban areas and services in western of Upcoming-Town" smoothly took place on the morning of April 1st, 2021, in Bac Ninh province.

On the morning of March 31st, 2021 in Bac Ninh, Hung Ngan Investment and Trade Construction Joint Stock Company and An Phu Gia Construction Joint Stock Company held a signing ceremony to build the project " Investment in the construction of urban areas and services in western of  Upcoming-Town”.