APGCONS handed over the Meizan Food Factory project located at Lot C20a-1, Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City on schedule and ensuring outstanding quality.

With the highest goal of quality and construction progress, APGCONS has applied advanced solutions with a team of experienced staff, completing the Meizan project on time. Thanks to that, the factory meets all requirements for food safety standards.

The success of the Meizan project is a testament to APGCONS's capacity and reputation in the field of food factory construction. APGCONS believes that with its experience and capacity, it will continue to bring customers high-quality projects that meet all the most demanding needs.

The Meizan food factory project has a land area of 10,118.00 m2 and an expanded construction area of 4,925.65 m2, including items: an expanded warehouse (8 floors), wastewater treatment tank, garage, and auxiliary items (water tank, security house, toilet, warehouse). Project construction requires high technology and smooth coordination of participating units. Thanks to the application of advanced construction technologies, effective project management, and strict compliance with safety standards, APGCONS has completed the project, ensuring worker safety and environmental protection.

A special feature of the Meizan project is that the construction of phase 2 takes place in parallel with the production activities of the existing factory. In addition, high-rise factory projects have even more stringent requirements when it comes to installing specialized machinery line systems high up. Construction solutions must carefully calculate load, height, and wind pressure,... to ensure absolute safety for the project. Understanding the importance of ensuring safety and limiting impact on production, APGCONS has applied reasonable and meticulous construction methods, ensuring absolute safety for the existing factory, without causing dust. dirty, noisy, and affecting production activities.

The completion of the Meizan food factory project is the pride of APGCONS and a testament to its commitment to constantly improving service quality and meeting all customer needs. APGCONS believes that with its capacity and reputation, it will continue to achieve more success in the future, bringing many standard food industry factory projects to the Investor.


other news

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